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In the world of healthcare, accessibility and accuracy have become inherent expectations. Long gone are the days of doctors jotting pressing patient information on a traditional clipboard, and in spite of this change, ViMedicus is at the forefront with innovative solutions to simplify the transition. A digital platform that offers a rapid alternative to organizing and utilizing patient information, they needed to make the information accessible to users via an easy-to-use mobile application.


This assignment challenged RDI Ablaze to create the first multi-EMR mobile app to enhance the way practitioners and patients communicate and exchange patient information. Through a single, secure login, patients could conveniently view their records and inquire about/refill their prescriptions electronically.

With role-based user-experience tactics, this revolutionized the way physicians access data, specified available features based on user roles, and enabled patients to record medical appointments and encounters.


Due to the sophistication of this app, ViMedicus created a way for practitioners to access any electronic medical record, and the response has inspired a new shift where more and more healthcare institutions are embracing Hospital Information Exchange (HIE) technology. As part of a government study conducted by Northwestern University, the improved user experience capabilities reduced physician errors by 31%.

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