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To expand upon their MVP initiative, DIRECTV wanted to implement a new strategy to promote the recently renovated platform and drive more traffic to locations that host the leading broadcaster. An imperative component of the DIRECTV ecosystem, Sports Bar Finder was previously failing to serve consumers in the intended way. Usage was down, feedback implied continuous disappointment, and the app wasn’t operating as a solution to its audience. To revamp the app, we identified the profitable market that bears tremendous potential: Sports fans—loyal, die-hard fans that pride themselves on the fact that they never miss a game—and we aligned ourselves with them. We dug deep into understanding their wants and needs to reimagine the functionalities of SBF.


  • The defining objective of this project was to deliver an app that exceeded consumer expectations in way of quality and convenience. RDI Ablaze implemented an extensive outline, detailing how the app would evolve in way of usage, analytics, features, functions, and integration with the new and improved MVP platform. We used our expertise in design and development to create a solution that’s easy to use and intuitive to navigate. 

  • Compatible with iOS and Android, we prioritized a simple, clean design and cutting-edge development capabilities married with personalized, geo-located recommendations informed by individual behaviors and preferences. Other key modifications to the app include filters, schedules, reviews, improved navigation, and a rating system that enables businesses to earn a ranking over time and potentially earn “Hot Spot” status within the app.


RDI Ablaze’s innovative problem-solving skills enabled DIRECTV to take their brand to the next level and augment consumer engagement in an unprecedented way. Introducing an app of this nature to the market was a multi-functional initiative that not only benefited the client, but also translated as an asset for the 78,000 bars and businesses they work so closely with. With RDIA’s help, DIRECTV acquired 6,500 new app downloads within the first month of launch, optimized customer retention and package sales/renewals, and saw commercial account engagement peak by over 220%.

This digital platform was game changing in the way we engage and support our customers.

Commercial Marketing Manager at DIRECTV

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