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An essential tool for hospitals and health systems nationwide, Healthcare Business Insights, otherwise known as HBI, provides in-depth research and thoughtful insights that enhance the capabilities of basic core business functions. HBI’s original site lacked design expertise as it had a confusing and complicated navigation, required countless steps to move through the site and obtain additional information, in addition to an overall messaging problem that made it difficult for users to connect with HBI experts and ask questions.


RDI Ablaze sought to create a platform that accomplished two specific objectives. We wanted to consolidate all of HBI’s available services into a single site that’s straightforward and intuitive to navigate while finding a strategic way to present their core offerings in a way that felt cohesive and complementary of the brand identity. Informed by extensive research internally conducted by our team, we audited HBI’s history over their 10-year run and used the output to position HBI as a leader in its category. Our team made a point to maintain creative assets, keep messaging compatible with industry business standards, and revamp the structure of HBI’s three core offerings of research, training, and analytics tools.

By utilizing Scorecard, a robust assessment product, users can input personal data, specific KPI’s and revenue information to receive customized reporting data. As the cherry on top of an outstanding new site, RDI Ablaze implemented an in-house training LMS module that replaced the inconvenient need for custom development and regular upkeep.  



By streamlining HBI’s Learning Management System, the company saved $300,000 in maintenance costs, eliminated manual operations, and automated processes by creating a messaging module in-house, keeping customers inside the HBI site. Furthermore, RDI Ablaze’s work for HBI created a way for hospitals and vendors to collaborate with each other to lower product costs through eSourcing and a supply chain assessment service.

Redefining who we are, both through aesthetics and content organization, positions us as a leader in the healthcare research space.

Mike Doyle, CEO

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