Creating a solution to meet new ambitions, we're helping uBid redefine the online auction.
A leader in the rapidly growing field of online commerce, uBid is revolutionizing the very idea of online auctions. Equal parts commerce, logistics, social media and gaming, uBid aims to transform the auction arena into an entertainment experience. To help the company make it happen, RDI/A tailored a comprehensive digital strategy that involved rebuilding uBid's infrastructure and auction experience from the ground-up. At the core is a sophisticated auction engine that introduces entirely new auction types and gamification triggers. Inventory is processed seamlessly through a complete supply chain management overhaul, introducing tools that expand seller services to a broader audience. The icing on the cake? RDI/A fully restructured and redesigned uBid's customer-facing website, tying the company's digital tools and presence neatly together with a sophisticated content management system (CMS).