Our digital experts supported a uniform strategy for NikeTeam.com and blazed a trail for the company's online future.

Nike Team
When one of the most recognized global brands needed digital technology support, RDI/A was there to help. Partnering with IA Collaborative, RDI/A applied its digital capabilities to the NikeTeam.com platform. The NikeTeam initiative allows consumers to personalize their uniform colors, names, and numbers to match their school. In addition, NikeTeam.com facilitates the ordering and delivery of uniforms by connecting consumers to local authorized dealers. Adding data-driven interactive updates to NikeTeam.com, RDI/A helped NikeTeam streamline and simplify its user services and processes. The project also served as a building block for Nike's more recent efforts to strengthen its team brand through the redesign of NikeTeam.com.