At RDI Ablaze, we ignite brands by challenging the competition, implementing innovative solutions that propel the success of brands and creating long-lasting experiences that resonate with customers.

The brand comes first

  •  Brand

    At RDI Ablaze, the objectives of our clients are at the heart of everything we do because when we win big, our victory translates as success for our clients, too. Our portfolio features a library of top-tier solutions we’ve ideated and implemented to solve the complex business challenges of our clients.

  • Content

    Known for unparalleled innovation, strategic industry insight, cutting edge design, and five-star technology capabilities, we create with the intent to make a difference. To connect with audiences; To inspire clients by disrupting the industry; To deliver excellence; To evolve while remaining a leader among competitors.

  • Visibility

    We like to push the envelope, so we think outside the box when it comes to generating meaningful exposure for our clients. We bring a fresh perspective to mobile, social, web and search optimization, while priding ourselves on exploring new opportunities among gamification, promotion, and loyalty to drive results.

The Good Stuff

When brand, content and visibility collide, the end result is nothing short of a game-changer. RDI Ablaze is a partner that consistently produces unprecedented ideas and generates a hype that attracts the right people. At our very best, pure brilliance implodes. RDI Ablaze works with brands to bring innovative visions to life. We produce unprecedented ideas for our partners and intentionally generate a hype that attracts the right people. Rest assured that when we strike creative gold, sheer brilliance implodes.

The Method

Our solutions are a by-product of a methodology that balances three key components: user desires, business needs, and delivery objectives. This approach is proven to create a truly innovative experience, balancing possibility with brand viability and user needs to create lasting revenue opportunities and support the overall mission of our clients. We produce unprecedented ideas for our partners and intentionally generate a hype that attracts the right people. Rest assured that when we strike creative gold, sheer brilliance implodes.

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Designed to assess the goals of the project and garner an in-depth understanding of its desired evolution. This phase is interactive, analytical, and exploratory. The planned activities generate insights, information, and data to help establish a clear roadmap for the ensuing phases in developing the new refreshed brand and website.

Example Activities
  • Collaborative Workshop
  • Brand Asset Inventory
  • Historical Performance Review

Systematic research and analysis are critical components of the project, as findings greatly influence decisions relating to the brand, creative direction, website user experience, (UX) and all future activities and deliverables.

Example Activities
  • Competitive Benchmarking
  • Analog Benchmarking
  • Website Audit
  • Consumer Persona Review/Definition

Often referred to as the ‘blueprint phase’, this is when our artists and in-house experts from multiple departments, collaborate to explore viable options for all aspects of the brand, (logo, voice, messaging, etc.). Then ensure correct documentation, optimal user experiences, appropriate aesthetics, and required features & functionalities are created and/or developed for your website.

Example Activities
  • Brand Analysis
  • Feature/Function Review
  • Information Architecture
  • Wireframing
  • Production Design
  • Design Prototyping
  • Content Review

During this phase all planning, creative, and strategies come to life. With all the research conducted and the design determined, this phase is when development starts. The two primary components for website development occur through this phase – programming and QA – this is, more often than not, the largest and most involved of the phases.

Example Activities
  • General Development
  • SEO Setup
  • CMS Configuration
  • Content Authoring
  • Analytics Integration
  • Quality Assurance Testing (QA)

The final phase is when the new, fully functioning website or application is up-and-running and ready to be used by all. We provide training sessions on how to use your new platform. While Activation is when the project ends we will always be on-hand for any further assistance. This is a partnership that we committed to at the beginning and our ongoing support for your business is always of the utmost importance.

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