We’re a Sister Sledge kind of family.

RDI is a family built on excellence. Our four award-winning brands are a team of problem solvers devoted to winning smart. United by a common goal, we work together to transcend the standard for incredible service. From digital marketing to call center services, research and development to creative and IT support, we have what it takes to serve your every need.

  • What We Do

    From Fortune 500 companies to local startups, RDIA brings success to each and every one of our clients. From strategic consulting to experience design, marketing communications and implementation services, there’s no task we don’t know how to tackle. We thrive when we’re challenged, and push ourselves to bring innovation and imagination to the solution of the simplest task.

  • Working With Us

    At RDIA, customer insights are the at the core of everything we do. We make sense of the digital landscape by throwing ourselves in the middle of it. We pride ourselves on knowing our target audience inside and out because it allows us to lay a strategic foundation that evolves with continuous testing and learning that never stops. This approach allows us to identify top-tier solutions that drive impactful business results for our clients.

  • Experience is Key

    When it comes to the creative industry, experiences are more impactful than impressions. Our solutions are built with one goal in mind: to tell stories that inspire action. Whether it’s driving engagement, building loyalty, acquiring new customers, or increasing profitability, we strive to leverage the capabilities of the digital world to create experiences that resonate with our client’s customers.

  • Who We Are

    Like our parent company, RDIA prides itself on winning smart. We’re agents of creative change and continuously disrupt the industry with ideas that challenge the norm. With loyal customers, glowing reviews and a portfolio of work that relays our commitment to unsurpassed design and top-tier technology, many can see why our approach has positioned us as an award-winning agency.

A team united.


In 2013, the RDI family welcomed Oncall Interactive to the team as RDI Ablaze. With the intent to represent RDI as a competitive and strategic agency partner, RDI Ablaze tackles business needs with creative solutions to implement big wins for every client. With an abundance of expertise and industry leaders guiding the way, we continuously bring success to every project.

Did you know that RDI Ablaze…

  • … assisted Anheuser-Busch in bringing the ever-popular BudBowl experience to the Internet. Along with online games, consumer sweepstakes, game footage tie-ins and real-time stats, we also architected a multi-ISP solution to handle the server load that is now referred to as distributed load-balancing.

  • … created a viral 30-day social campaign for Restaurant.com to spread the gift of giving during the holiday season. Our program drew national attention, catered to over 2 million visitors on Facebook, and allowed consumers to give over $10 million dollars in Restaurant.com gift certificates to friends and family.

  • … developed the first marketing portal application (BrandFlex) that could standardize brand design standards while providing a way for dealers to customize collateral for Harley Davidson. Our technology was featured in Inc. magazine, How magazine and received a Communication Arts award.

  • … built the digital backbone of STi Prepaid, the largest prepaid calling card company in the world. This solution includes a robust, multi-brand eCommerce framework which integrated with telco switches, facilitating over a million calls per day. Our platform is responsible for securely processing an average of $70,000 in online sales per day.

  • … worked with the Chicago Symphony Orchestra to breathe life back into their ten-year-old digital presence. The new, Web 2.0, award-winning experience has received rave reviews from critics and consumers alike. Most importantly, the new website has seen an overall sales increase of over 30%, and set new sales records for opening season subscription and add-on ticket sales.

  • … created the eLearning platform for McDonalds which delivers 18 courses to over 30,000 restaurants in 26 languages. This one-of-a-kind platform is responsible for training all McDonald’s staff worldwide.

Our work needs no explanation.

Every project is different, and that’s what we love about this scope of work. No matter the objectives, we bring the same level of passion to every project. And it shows.

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